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Samjin VSOF-BS403A
Samjin VSOF-BS403A
Samjin VSOF-BS403A protects fiber optic splicing point in various installation conditions such as aerial, manholes, ducts, wall and direct buried applications.
It is specially designed for FTTH network and applicable to multi branching installation by using mid-plate which is for increasing core capacity and complying with the requirements in each point of network. The flat type gasket ensures reliable sealing performance by preventing air and water leak and the corn type sealing socket provides easy and reliable installation.
• The closure has an air valve on its cover for checking air pressure drop.
• The ribbed body has high mechanical strength against impact and compression.
• The closure has 2 inlet ports on each side and increase the number of port up to 12 ports by inserting Mid-plate.
• The 24F splice tray is applicable for both loose tube and ribbon fiber management.
• The LAP ground connector and ground wire are offered for grounding of the OSP cable.
• One flat type gasket and the external screw bolts provide excellent tightness reliability.
• Cone type sheath gasket is adjustable to fit any diameter cable.
• The closure can be installed in aerial and manhole, pole with provide hangers.
Product Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Made in: South Korea
Series BS403A
Applications Aerial, Duct, Buried
Number of Inlets 2
Number of Outlets 2
Closure Height 113 mm
Closure Length 435 mm
Closure Width 205 mm
Weight‎ 2.8 kg
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Maximum Fusion Splice Capacity 96 Splices
Maximum Number of Installable Splice 4
Maximum Single Fusion Splice Capacity 96 Splices
Seal Type Gasket