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Power meter and light source

An optical power meter (OPM) is a device used to measure the power in an optical signal.
A typical optical power meter consists of a calibrated sensor, measuring amplifier and display. The sensor primarily consists of a photodiode selected for the appropriate range of wavelengths and power levels. On the display unit, the measured optical power and set wavelength is displayed. Power meters are calibrated using a traceable calibration standard such as a NIST standard.
A traditional optical power meter responds to a broad spectrum of light; however the calibration is wavelength dependent. This is not normally an issue, since the test wavelength is usually known, however it has a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the user must set the meter to the correct test wavelength, and secondly if there are other spurious wavelengths present, then wrong readings will result.
Sometimes optical power meters are combined with a different test function such as an Optical Light Source (OLS) or Visual Fault Locator (VFL), or may be a sub-system in a much larger instrument. When combined with a light source, the instrument is usually called an Optical Loss Test Set.
Optical Loss Test Sets (OLTS) are available in dedicated hand held instruments and platform-based modules to suit various network architectures and test requirements.

FHP3P01 PON Optical Power Meter
As the industry's advanced PON-specific power meter, FHP3P01 PON Power Meter is the flagship of Grandway’s line of testing instruments specifically intended for FTTH and FTTP systems. It is the ideal tool for FTTH/FTTP service activation and troubleshooting.

• Hand-held and battery operated
• TFT LCD Display with high resolution
• Filtered measurements with distinct power display
• Simultaneous measurement and display power level of 1310,1490,1550nm WL
• Pass/fail function available. Up to 10 user defined threshold
• Ability to upgrade software through USB interface
• 1000 sets data storage
• Software to generate Test Report
Power meter and light source

Power meter and light source