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Parking Management System

Parking management is known as one of the most important tools in urban management. Parking facilities can affect the traffic system and the quality of urban life. Wrong decisions and mismanagement would have an adverse impact on the traffic system, cause damage to the environment, increase the cost of construction and might adversely affect the economic growth. Increasing number of vehicles, lack of parking lots and high cost of minimum parking requirements have made parking management a necessity. Decision-makers have recently paid more attention to parking management and consider it as a potential mechanism to solve traffic problems.
Taking a long time to find vacant spaces in large parking lots is a common experience among drivers. Parking Management System (PMS) enables drivers to easily find vacant spaces in large parking lots and also lets them save time and energy.

Parking Management System (PMS):
More and more attention has been paid to PMS due to the following features:
1. It enables you to control vehicle traffic and manage multiple security barriers simultaneously
2. The impact of parking on vehicle traffic
3. Considerable impact on parking pricing
4. If using credit card payment method, there is no need for having an operator
5. On-the-spot report (including vacant and full spaces, specifications of vehicles parked, etc.)
6. To create a black list / preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering the parking lot (the software alarms in such a case)
7. To check and match the photo of drivers in order to prevent car theft or misuse
8. Self-pay system – no need for computer
9. Online connection & network based
10. Staff attendance tracking in the time of vehicle entry/exit

Advantages of Parking Management System (PMS):
1. Full information about the number of vehicles parked in the parking garage/lot
2. Monitoring vehicle movement in and out of a parking garage
3. Vehicle safety factors will increase
4. Optimal use of light sources
5. Reduction of employees involved – hence human errors will be reduced
6. Automatic bill payment or pay in person
7. Entry/exit registration system
8. Equipped with a guide system for vehicles which enables quick and easy access to the first vacant space
9. Drivers can book parking spaces – online booking or via cellphone
10. To determine special parking spaces using parking blockers
11. Automatic vehicle entry/exit control system – using CCTV cameras
12. Automatic license-plate reading technology
13. Face detection feature can be added
14. Increasing Revenue and Reducing Cost
15. It enables you to manage the traffic flows inside parking garages
16. Safety factor increases in parking lots and buildings