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Heat Shrinkable Plastic Sleeve

Heat Shrinkable Plastic Sleeve

Product Descriptionicon
The heat shrink tube fiber optic cable sleeve is applied to the optical fiber closure to fix and protect the optical fiber when splicing.
Consist of a rod of reinforcing the splice, hot fusion tubing and cross linked polyolefin. To rebuild the coating of fiber to provide mechanical strength at the fusion joint area and keep optical transmission properties.

- Moisture resistant for environmental protection
- Clear sleeve make it easy to detect splice before shrinkage
- Easily use and avoid any damages to the optical fiber during installation
- Color optical fiber splice protector is very convenience for installation
- CE ROHS approved
- Excellent reinforcement of fusion splicing portion
- Reliable protection under any environment
- CE, ROHS, ISO9001, UL
Operating temperature rangeicon
- Operating temperature: -45 degree~100 degree /-45 degree~135 degree
- Minimum shrink temperature: 80 cent-degree
- Radial Shrinking Rate > 50%
Heat Shrinkable Plastic Sleeve