Fater Company; an advisor, designer and administrator of optical fiber projects

Fiber Optic Equipment, FTTH Network & GPON Technology Provider

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About US

Founded in 2006, Fater (an ICT company and OPF authorized distributor) has specialized in fiber optic – in particular GPON/EPON optical fiber networks – installation and deployment. Using the latest technologies and equipment, we always endeavor to satisfy our clients’ demands and provide all organizations and companies with current developments in fiber optic technology.
The increasing number of users as well as growing use of videos on demand (VOD) and other live streaming services has made fast and safe data transfer an overriding concern in telecommunications. Hence, to satisfy these demands, creating a suitable telecommunication network is of great importance.
One of the best solutions to do this is fiber optic technology and in particular GPON. Thus, we decided to take the necessary steps in this direction by offering consulting services, supplying fiber optic equipment and designing and installing fiber optic networks.
We opt for the world’s top fiber optic cable manufacturers to set up our projects and transmit your information/data literally at the speed of light.